Beacon Rise Primary


OPAL support for play at Beacon Rise Primary has helped to make it an outstanding school for play and learning.

Playtime includes access to boots for all 450 pupils at OPAL Platinum Award winning Beacon Rise Primary School.
Beacon Rise is school in the country that has been consistently been outstanding in its provision of play the longest of any school. It achieved OPAL Platinum Award in 2008 and has managed to maintain the highest of standards since then. This sustainability has partly been due to the new role of play coordinator OPAL supported the school to create. This means that a strategic approach to managing every aspect of play does not fall to the head and does not get forgotten because it is someone”s job.
Beacon Rise demonstrates how school’s which sustain their OPAL approach create a culture where eventually every child at every age is skilled, competent and play literate. As a result there are no problems at playtime, and play contributes hugely to the happiness and physical and mental well-being of the children.
Every year the school celebrate the importance of play with their annual playday. click HERE to see their 2017 video
It is still fun to see watch their original video. Now viewed worldwide over 15,000 times  Click HERE
 Most OPAL schools celebrate their play on their school’s website. You can visit Beacon Rises’s Site HERE