Tanfield Lea Primary School

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When Tanfield Lea Primary School enrolled in the OPAL Primary Programme they had a clear goal They wanted their children to experience the best possible play experiences of any child in the country.

After two years they have now scored in the top 5% of schools in the UK, using OPAL’s 18 point audit process and have reached their goal. At the audit session the following quotes were offered by children.

What difference has OPAL made to you?”—-“Its now actually quite hard to go home sometimes …because it is just such brilliant fun here”.  Boy aged 10

“How would you describe your playtimes now?”  —— ” Yeahhhh Epic!”    Boy aged 8

“Are you happy now since the changes to play —– ” Yes very, very,very,very very happy”  Girl aged 11


The school engaged fully with all of the OPAL process and rapidly acted on the points raised in their action plan. They now use their full school grounds for 98% of the year instead of  40%. The infants have increased access to space by 5000%. The school has two play coordinators who are responsible for maintaining and improving the quality of play and every child is fully engaged at every playtime.

The Head Teacher told us. “Thank you so much. We are absolutely delighted with the changes OPAL has brought about. Everything you said would happen about improved behaviour, more teaching time and happy engaged children has happened and we could not have done it without you. I could not recommend OPAL highly enough to other school.”