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Each year we usually take on one or two new mentors to join the OPAL team. These positions are held by freelance trainers who operate under a licence from OPAL CIC. We do not have any salaried positions.

As demand grows there may be the opportunity to work for one of the established OPAL Mentors helping to deliver the programme in their areas.

OPAL mentors have a passion for playwork. The philosophy underpinning all of our work is that play should be:

  1. Freely chosen by the child
  2. Intrinsically motivated
  3. Self-directed

OPAL mentors have a good understanding of playwork theory and practice. They are confident and engaging presenters and trainers and they have sufficient experience to be able to guide and support senior school leaders. The work in schools requires the ability to quickly assess the quality of provision and the insight and imagination to be able to suggest a range of improvements.

An OPAL mentor runs their own business, so they must have the ability to work independently and to manage their own taxes, finances and administration.

The programme takes 18-24 months to deliver to each school so the qualities of relentless enthusiasm, optimism and empathy are required.

The areas we are especially interested in are Leicestershire, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, London and South Wales

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