Next Steps – OPAL Plus

OPAL Plus is a package of services and benefits for OPAL schools to sustain high-quality play, provide training and staff support and provide an easy path to annual reaccreditation.

Your OPAL award status lasts for one year before becoming due for reaccreditation. However, you will still need to work continuously to sustain the quality you have achieved and especially to maintain your RAPID approach to risk.

We recommend enrolment in OPAL Plus as soon as you have completed the OPAL Primary Programme.

To be an OPAL school you will need to:

  1. Continually strive to improve the quality of play for all of its children.
  2. Embed play in all aspects of planning, self-evaluation and delivery.
  3. Acknowledge the seriousness of play as a human right and regards play as a necessity for children’s mental and physical wellbeing.
  4. Update staff training and ensures informed transition of OPAL key roles

Benefits of OPAL Plus

To help your school maintain and improve the standard you have reached OPAL Plus offers the following.

  1. One two-hour virtual support meeting for RAG rating and training
  2. One half-day visit per year for auditing and reaccreditation
  3. Free access to regional support meetings at Platinum schools
  4. Staff access to the OPAL online Slack community offering Q and A and discussion forums.
  5. Free access to monthly ‘Tea with OPAL’ online support sessions
  6. Annually updated OPAL e-pack
  7. Informal access to your mentor by email and phone
  8. Member resources on the OPAL website, presentations and conference sessions
  9. The OPAL Schools version of the OPAL newsletter
  10. Five copies of Playwork Essentials
  11. Free copies of the Power of Playtimes for all your parents in the annual print run
  12. Access to booking OPAL College sessions. (A new OPAL service coming this year. There will be a charge per session)

Cost of OPAL Plus £750 per year


If you do not enrol in OPAL Plus within 6 months of your award assessment, you will need to go through a reaccreditation assessment with an OPAL Mentor. You will still need to join OPAL Plus.  Your OPAL Mentor will then use the meetings to create a bespoke package to enable you to reach award status again. Each package will be costed depending on the level of support required.

OPAL Honours

Schools which maintain Platinum status for over four years will join our OPAL Honours group. OPAL will promote these schools as national exemplars of outstanding practice.


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