Policy and Planning



  • Policy and Strategy Development
  • Service Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

All Local Authorities need a Play Policy and Strategy if they are to provide for the wellbeing of children and meet their legal obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In addition the Health and Safety Executive and the Government now endorse a risk-benefit method in managing risk which requires an informed policy based approach. OPAL staff can manage the process of policy development, implementation, planning, monitoring and reporting for local government, councils, housing associations and other organisations


  • Meet children’s rights under UN charter
  • Manage plans across departments
  • Use resources more effectivel
  • Meet current risk/benefit guidance

Strategic Planning

Common values, shared principles and clear criteria are the foundations of successful group decision making. Only when these are established can achievable strategic objectives be formed and effective plans put in place.

OPAL has national, regional and local experience in bringing together decision makers who influence the quality of childhood to create the policy, strategy and implementation plans that are needed to make play possible.

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Master Planning and Design Briefs

The success of a capital project is decided early in the planning stages. In any project involving play it is essential that the design brief and the concept planning stages are approached with a thorough understanding of the way children operate in a landscape, how they move in it and how they seek out and use the affordances for play that have been planned in.

OPAL can help managers, heads, governors, designers, architects, developers and landowners get the early planning stages right in order to ensure the project delivers true benefit to children.


  • Design brief workshops – Consulting with staff and stakeholders to create a brief so that you know what you want.
  • Concept planning – Taking your design brief and creating innovative and creative draft plans, based on years of theoretical and practical experience.
  • Project management – A whole package to take you through consultation, brief writing, concept plans, stakeholder input, specification, tendering support, contractor oversight, snagging management.

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