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Dear Senior School Leaders

Did you know that playtimes take up one point four years of a child’s life at primary school? Put another way that is one day a week or 20% of all of their time at school.

We know there are so many competing challenges in running a school, but we also think that when combined with the clear need for better planning for children's mental and physical wellbeing, play just needs more thought and planning than it gets in most schools.

Don’t worry though. We’ve worked out what to do in every kind of school. We will help with your policy and values, strategic and action planning, risk management, communications, staff development, inclusion and planning your play environment. In fact, we can help turn playtimes from one of the least managed and troublesome areas of school life to one of the most fabulous, fun and positive aspects of your school.

We look forward to working with you soon.


Michael Follett

Founding Director






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