OPAL North East


I have worked in the education and play sector for many years and have never come across such a transformational programme. I am still blown away by the difference it brings and benefits it makes to both children and schools and I am looking forward very much to bringing OPAL to a wide number of schools up North. I do believe every school should have OPAL!

There are now many schools in the North East that have benefited from the OPAL Primary Programme adn thousands of children who have benfited.

The OPAL Primary Programme provides all of the strategic documentation, policies, action planning and evidence needed to demonstrate progress in many of the criteria in the new 2019 OFSTED Inspection framework.Primary Programme

Ingrid’s experience

I began working as an OPAL mentor in the summer of 2015 supporting local primary schools as they embarked on their OPAL journey in the North East of England. As Director of Go Wild in Nature CIC, I am passionate about children’s play and currently work with local primary schools delivering a range of outdoor adventure days and training around nature play and outdoor learning to practitioners. Prior to this I worked as a Senior Development Officer for Play England working at a strategic level supporting Local Authorities and the voluntary sector to improve children’s opportunities to play. With responsibility for Play and Health I worked with Early Years, Schools, Adventure Playgrounds and promoted Nature Play. I have designed many training courses over the years, worked at grass roots level and also senior management. I have worked as a Lecturer in Higher Education, designed many training courses and free lanced as a complementary therapist for over 10 years. My passion is health and well-being; ensuring everyone has the opportunity to maximise their potential and grow as an individual…. I believe getting ‘play’ right at the earliest opportunity is key to supporting this. I have three happy, healthy and confident children 18, 11 and 2 years of age who constantly remind me…. we don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!