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Sam Fletcher

Opal pic - Sam Fletcher

Sam is an accomplished and passionate educator with over a decade of experience, marked by a profound affinity for outdoor learning and a relentless dedication to creating enchanting and immersive environments.

With roots in outdoor education that extend back more than 12 years, Sam first discovered her passion for experiential, nature-based learning during her early career in Forest School. This transformative experience ignited a lifelong love for outdoor education and cultivated an enduring connection to the natural world. It was during these early years that Sam came to firmly believe that play is an essential element in any child's holistic development and this belief has been a driving force in her educational journey.

In her most recent role as a Higher-Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA), predominantly in Early Years, Sam became a catalyst for transformation, infusing the learning environment with a sense of awe and wonder. Her innovative methods, deeply rooted in outdoor learning principles, incorporated play as a fundamental element of the educational process, creating a captivating and enlightening journey for young learners.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sam has a diverse set of hobbies and interests that include rock climbing, swimming, archery, art and growing food. These passions reflect her adventurous spirit and creativity and also serve as a testament to her passionate belief in the importance of play in learning and personal growth.

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