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Wendy Syalon

bio photo - wendy syalon

Wendy has been a primary school teacher for 17 years and is currently serving as an assistant head, year 4 teacher, and Curricular Lead for Play in an OPAL school. Wendy quickly found a passion for play when she became Curricular Lead and has helped lead her school to delivering the highest level of play provision in a very short period of time.

She firmly believes that play is not only essential for childrens physical and cognitive development but also for their emotional well-being. Seeing children engaged in outdoor play, taking risks with a smile on their faces, is the most rewarding part of her job.

Wendy is a big fan of the outdoors herself. She loves to run, walk, and climb mountains. Being out in nature helps her relax, rejuvenate, and gain inspiration. She also enjoys participating in CrossFit training, which keeps her physically fit and mentally focused.

As a primary school teacher, it is her constant endeavour to create an environment where children can freely explore, learn, and have fun. By being a strong advocate for play and incorporating it into the curriculum, she aims to foster childrens enthusiasm for learning and promote their holistic development.

With Wendy continuing her role as Curricular Lead for Play and teacher, alongside her new role as an OPAL mentor, she is in the perfect position to understand and share her experience on the journey to delivering excellence in play.

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