Thank You

Dear OPAL school colleague

As founder and Director of OPAL, thank you for taking out OPAL Membership. OPAL is committed to helping you maintain the benefits of the hard work you have already put in to achieve every child's goal of having an amazing playtime every day. I have been working out the best way to offer this kind of support for several years and OPAL College is the solution.

You are now eligible to access OPAL College, where you will find all information and support needed to ensure safe and high-quality play provision at your school.

Your membership will last for one year.

What happens next? 

Our Operations Manager, Sarah will send you a link for your school's OPAL College Plan.

Keep this link safe - All your staff can use this to create their own accounts at OPAL College for no extra cost.

With the link will be a video explaining exactly how to join OPAL College

You may not pass the link beyond school staff, and parents are not included, but you may create as many staff accounts as you like and have unlimited use of the training courses

The free courses available for new staff and those wanting top-up training are:

  1. OPAL Headteacher
  2. OPAL Curricular Lead for Play
  3. OPAL Play Coordinator
  4. OPAL Play Team
  5. RAPID risk training for all
  6. Playwork Essentials course

There are also networking opportunities for all of these groups to talk with each other and share information. Look for the tab at the top of the pages called 'Conversations'.

We also provide a library of presentations on many subjects connected with play in schools for you to use in your training. We will be adding many new features every month, so please log in regularly and see what's going on

Best wishes Michael Follett OPAL Director

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