This girl can… play

OPAL Mentor Rachel Murray discusses the transformational effect that prioritising play in primary schools has on girls.

The big catch up

OPAL Director Michael Follett shares why he doesn’t believe any primary school catch up plan is sufficient without addressing the quality and sufficiency of play for every child.

Take a risk on play

Ben Tawil and Mike Barclay, OPAL School Mentors and Directors of Ludicology, make the case for risky play – throughout the winter and all year round.

How can schools improve children’s wellbeing and save money?

Neil Coleman, OPAL Mentor, sets out how schools can use their limited funds more positively and efficiently so that the entire school can benefit.

Five top tips to help you navigate playtimes during the pandemic

We believe that the provision of plenty of quality outdoor play is more important than ever. Here are five top tips to help your school navigate playtimes during the pandemic.

Has Covid-19 led to a reduction in school playtimes?

Michael Follett, OPAL Director, explores whether playtimes have been reduced in Primary Schools due to Covid-19 measures and highlights the consequences such a move could have for children.

OPAL wins funding from Sport England and The National Lottery

The funding will mean OPAL can work with many more schools, carers and parents to ensure all children have a childhood filled with fun, active outdoor play.

Protecting Play

The coronavirus lock-down has meant life has changed dramatically for children and simple everyday activities present new challenges. If children are to thrive, as well as making sure our children feel safe and are well looked after, we also need to allow play to continue.

Play in a time of lock-down

Play is essential to the mental and physical well being of children wherever they are. During the period of lock-down we will continue to support schools, parents and carers with ideas to enrich children’s play opportunities.

Take the Play Challenge

Schools want to improve playtimes, they may want to improve behaviour, create happier playtimes, increase physical activity or mental well-being. But it is not a matter of simply laying some playground markings, putting in a trim trail or adding a few loose parts.